Kure Oxygen Spring Water Science


A new era in life sciences.

Applied Sciences.

Water structure and memory represent a turning point for Biology, Chemistry and Physics with huge implications theoretically and practically. A new era in life sciences, evolutionary sciences, medicine, health and understanding of the environment is beginning with a new scientific paradigm into the fundamental nature of water.

Highly Ordered Structures.


Our water becomes a delivery vehicle for highly ordered structures surrounding increased oxygen. Understanding this gives a more holistic way of why water acts in the way it does and structured water is able to perform functions, sustain and support life in a much greater and efficient way.

We have successfully stabilised Oxygen.


The additional infused Oxygen becomes an internal part of the water's form through highly ordered ultra fine structures. Nothing is lost when you open a bottle or pour in a glass, the complete goodness is received and disbursed, delivering all the benefits of hydration & additional oxygen to the body's core.

A New Frontier In Oxygen Delivery. 


The additional oxygen permeates connective tissue cells delivering additional levels of oxygen then what is simply breathed into the body. 


What is special about our water is the oxygen structures are consistently ultra fine in size and remain inside the water, an important factor in delivering oxygen quickly to the body.

New Science.

We are at the beginning of a new era in Water Science. Water exhibits remarkable and anomalous properties (at least 70 known) to which modern science has been at a loss to explain, even the most basic properties don't conform. Yet new
technology like ours allows us to see and reveal more than ever revealing astounding characteristics and understanding. It has begun a scientific revolution of understanding impacting all the sciences around it.


Water Structure.

Liquid water forms organised and self organising structures mostly around surfaces (including oxygen bubbles) which have vastly different properties to the bulk water. These properties are critical to biological and physiological processes and are commonly referred to as 4th-phase waters. Within this it shows water as having enormous potential for information storage and information density.


Coherent Domains.

Complimentary to this are Coherent Domains which suggests there’s a dialogue between liquid coherent water and the environment via ElectroMagnetic fields (EMf) and which governs the whole system. Quantum Field Theory (a Fundamental theory of Physics) and Quantum Electro Dynamics is now extended to liquids effectively showing water has Quantum effects.


Water Memory.

Water retains information of substances it is exposed to which can be read and transmitted as EM signatures. These are Biologically Active and that EM fields have biological effects. From a homeopathic perspective large scale clusters or clouds are formed showing water as a self- organising disperse system and not a traditional aqueous solution as currently thought.


Water Consciousness.

Not only can water be affected by conscious intentions but it plays a key role in the dynamics of consciousness and is suggested now to be the physical matrix for consciousness throughout the entire universe.



The key scientists involved in the above are led by Professor Gerry Pollack who hosts the Water Conference annually and is accompanied by such eminent scientists such as Nobel Prize Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier, Professors Vladimir Voiekov and Konstantin Korotkov.


Institutional Studies.

Since 2010, oxygen nano bubbles have been the growing focus of studies and clinical trials at institutions like Harvard, Oxford, Rush, and NYU, for conditions across the neurological disease spectrum, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone disease, and multiple sclerosis. Positive results have been reported in vitro as well as in transgenic mice and human subjects.


Trials have also been completed to monitor brain activity, muscle recovery and treatment of cancerous tumours with nano-scale oxygen. Much of the research on nano bubbles has been reviewed by peers across platforms such as Society for Neuroscience, PloS ONE , Research Gate etc. 


Oxygen stabilisation.

Our Technology represents a quantum leap in Oxygen stabilisation and water structuring sciences.

A radical paradigm shift that goes beyond existing technologies. Several unique and novel embodiments aligned to create something completely new and radically different.

Our technology infuses highly ordered ultra fine oxygen bubbles in to natural spring water without the recourse to any additives, salts, stabilisers or anything else. This is without altering the monatomic form of the water.

Our ultra fine oxygen bubbles have unique properties and stay in liquid owing to their negatively charged surface.


Live blood analysis showed that our water oxygenated the blood stream minutes after drinking and /or taking our hydrotherapy session. A dramatic positive change in the blood profile emerges minutes after drinking.

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