Cornwall, The home of Spring water, England UK.

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Myths, legends and folklore of Cornwall, Home of the brands of Oxygen water.

Cornwall is a land of myth, legends, magic and traditional folklore and shows there to be reverence to the water since millenia. The whole area lies as one of the wildest, most unspoilt and beautiful places in the U.K., perhaps on Earth, poetic and coloured by these legends and stories.

Human activity, our consciousness and relationship to water is possibly the biggest impact to water and its quality. The latest science of water and consciousness shows an incredible connection between them.

Reverence to the local water is a key feature. Even the origin of the name Cornwall comes from Corineus, the first of the legendary rulers of Cornwall, a medieval British legend, prodigious warrior, fighter of giants, and the eponymous founder of Cornwall.

The traditional folklore in Cornwall tells tales of giants, mermaids and pixies (the little people). Fairy tales such as Jack the Giant Killer take place in Cornwall. Many early British legends associate King Arthur and the knights with Cornwall putting his birthplace at Tintagel alongside Merlin's cave just east on the shoreline.

Cornwall even has its own language Kernewek (Cornish) dating back to pre-Roman times and the Celtic races that inhabited this part of Europe and is perhaps most closely related to Welsh and Breton. Use of this language has a specific resonance to the land and the waters.


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