Kure Oxygen Spring Water Packaging


Elegant, purposeful and clean design with careful geometric patterning symbolising a crystalline nature. It allows for a superior grip than the old design which for sports and hand held activity is a great option. The unique shape does offer a distinctive style and a brand that has thought deeply about its design and is keen to offer an aesthetically pleasing experience.


The power of the bottle shape is hugely important to offer a distinctive place in the market and adds to the back story.

Bottle - 100% Recyclable.

Label - 100% Recyclable.

Kure Oxygen Spring Water Bottle

The label is pure and clean, purposefully simple. We wanted to produce a design that reflected the product’s truth, a design that is uncluttered, minimal and direct. 

The type style is clean and modern with angles to harmonise with the bottle structure, balanced with curves reflecting the soft nature of the water. 

The word OXYGEN is front and centre, it’s our product’s critical point of difference, and also the reason why the label is red...to grab your eye and stand apart from the sea of blue and white on the shelf. It’s absolutely unique and cannot be ignored! 

Kure Oxygen Spring Water
Kure Oxygen Spring Water


We strive to achieve best practise in all manufacturing activities without compromise to safety and quality, ensuring all our Oxygenated products from manufacturing, storage, distribution and consumption are of the highest quality standards.


We have invested significantly to ensure all our UK distribution remains in-house reducing road transport and CO2 emissions. 


Currently utilising renewable Wind & Solar energy, we are on track to produce all our products from renewable energy sources by 2025 ensuring our Oxygen Water is 100% Carbon Neutral.


"We don’t take more from nature than it can give."

Kure Oxygen Spring Water Cornwall