Kure Oxygen Spring Water OGB Case Studies

Case Studies.

Life sciences

Case Studies in the United Kingdom for children with skin disorders.

Case Study, can OX YG EN water deliver enough oxygen to the blood with 500 ml so it can energise the blood cells enough to disperse Rouleaux in the blood ? (  Rouleaux is the stacking up  or clotting together of blood cells )

Discovery Studies.

A Private Sports Study.

A private study determining the impact of our Oxygen water on an 8 week strength & conditioning programme for multi discipline athletes showed substantial improvements in athletic competency and application after the 8 week programme was completed by all participants who were able to complete the programme in its entirety.


Each participant involved showed an average of a 10-14% increase in all weight lifting based movements prescribed with some anomalous results being within 3-5% of standard deviation.


For individuals who were on a capacity bias programme, there were improvements in sustainable speed through distances and an increase in number of completed rounds of work in their gym-based capacity prescription.

Studies carried out by: Rob King | Mediall Health, Strength and Conditioning LTD | September 1, 2019

An independent evaluation of the effects of OX YG EN water.

The results witnessed pre and post consuming OX YG EN water were very impressive, increasing the partial pressure of oxygen (Po2) in all patients, with D-Dimmer markers all increasing to normal levels and an immediate detoxifying of the blood.

D-dimers (thrombosis blood clots) pre and post blood test was done in Pantai Lab Hospital, while other pre and post blood test including Arterial blood gases, Full Blood Picture (FBP) specifically into Rouleaux formation and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) were done in SALAM Shah Alam Specialist Hospital.

Conducted by Dr. Che Muhammad Hafiz Bin Che Baharum, Medical Officer for Lui Muda Health Clinic in Malaysia in June 2020.

An independent Live Blood Analysis.

The results showed “changes the blood profile in a very positive way as it disperses Rouleaux in the blood, which allows for; improved blood flow (circulation) to the extremities and micro capillaries, improved oxygenation of the RBCs and therefore the entire body, improved detoxification.


An efficient circulation gives the benefit of improved energy and mental clarity and adequate oxygenation and hydration improves overall health and increases performance of the human body.

Live blood analysis conducted by Caroline Mansfield ND. July 2019

Discovery study for sleep.

We found that drinking Kure Oxygen water improved the metrics associated with sleep in all participants.

This included:

Increased time asleep.

Increased REM sleep.

Increased Deep sleep.

Decreased awake time.

Fewer long sleep awakenings

Discovery study by the Centre for Deuterium depletion L.A  USA. April 2021

Discovery study - Did drinking Kure Oxygen affect tissue oxygenation as measured by control pause? 

The control pause (CP) is a well-known way to indirectly measure the amount of oxygen in the body’s tissues and organs. In short, the subject simply exhales and then holds her breath until such time that she feels her first discomfort and can inhale normally. CP usually measure from less than 5 seconds to slightly over 60 seconds with greater health associated with larger CPs and serious disease and ageing associated with a CP of less than 20 seconds. Likewise, improving health is associated with increased CP.

Answer - We found that all participants had significantly decreased CP with most of them unable to hold their breath more than 5 seconds.

This was true for both the morning CP (the measurement taken upon waking) as well as with the CP taken during the rest of the day or night.


Consuming Kure Oxygen immediately improved the MCP and CP of all subjects within 24 hours.

The MCP and CP improved or remained improved over the entire study time with most all subjects reaching a maximum CP by the study’s end.

Conclusion - Drinking Kure Oxygen improved MCP and CP and, by association, increased the oxygenation of tissues and organs.

We cannot say if consuming Kure Oxygen returned the participants’ MCP and CP to normal since they had never done a MCP or CP before and we did not have that data.

We also know from dark-field studies that Kure Oxygen improves the characteristics of red blood cells and, as a consequence, their ability to bind and transport oxygen to tissue and organs.

We thus conclude that the increased MCP and CP is likely a consequence of both the effects of added oxygen from OX YG EN Water directly on the tissue and organs as well as the added oxygen that RBCs with improved function would bring to the tissues and organs.

Discovery study by the Centre for Deuterium depletion L.A. USA. April 2021

Discovery Study - Did drinking Kure Oxygen effect steps taken?
Answer – We found that all participants increased the number of steps taken per day after consuming Kure Oxygen for at least a week. Although the increase was highly variable, there was a trend of more steps taken per day related to how many days the subject had consumed Kure with the increase levelling out by the time the subject felt he or she was well.

Discovery Study - Did drinking Kure Oxygen effect breathing rate?
Answer  – We found that all participants had breath rates of over 20 breaths per minute on Day-0 of the study, which is consistent with them having difficulty breathing while awake or sleep. We further found that all of the subjects demonstrated decreased breath rates by the end of Day-7 with all of them dropping to a high of 18 down to a low of 9 breaths per minute. However, the nightly breath rate was variable within and between participants – i.e., the breath rate was not consistent from day-to-day.

Discovery Study – Did drinking Kure Oxygen effect skin temperature?
Answer  – We found that all participants had higher skin temperatures at the beginning of the study that became both lower and then stable as the study continued. The effect on skin temperature was stable by Day-14 of the study.

Fitbit and others have published peer-reviewed articles showing health trackers and smartwatches can be used to help detect early onset of flu and COVID-19 even before symptoms start. This part of the study was to see if Fitbit wearables can also be used as a window into the COVID-recovery progress.

April 2021


Did drinking Kure Oxygen effect SPO2?

We found that all participants had improved SPO2 metrics within 24 hours as compared to Day-0. Improved SPO2 as compared to Day-0 was seen for the entire duration of the study.

Question 3F – Did drinking Kure Oxygen effect resting heart rate?

We found that all participants had lowered resting heart rates as compared to Day-0. The lowered heart rate became noticeable about 7 to 14 days into the study.

Conclusion - Drinking Kure Oxygen resulted in Fitbit health metrics that were highly consistent with improved health status indicating that Kure Oxygen consumption may be helpful when recovering from a COVID infection.

We think that the ability to use wearables like Fitbit watches gives one the best chance to correlate Kure Oxygen consumption to faster and more robust COVID recovery. At the same time, a control group comprised of subjects not consuming Kure Oxygen is necessary to home in on what consuming Kure Oxygen water does as opposed to other waters without oxygen since hydration alone with any water could theoretically be beneficial – i.e., patients are always instructed to drink plenty of fluids for a reason.



Answer 4 – We found that drinking Kure Oxygen water had a positive effect on the perceived QOL as demonstrated by an EQ-5D questionnaire.

Conclusion - Drinking Kure Oxygen resulted participants recovering from COVID having an improved outlook on their day-to-day life and expectations post COVID health expectations.

All participants who finished the study or left the study early because they felt no need to continue demonstrated a higher QOL than when they started.