Kure Oxygen Spring Water

More than Just Hydration.

Understanding the origins of bottled water as a means to deliver curative waters to people since Roman times.

It has swayed of course in recent decades and we have positioned ourselves to bring it right back to its original intent.

The elements.

We are a look into the future, utilising, nature, science & technology to create Quality, innovation, consistency, scale & regeneration.


We are on the verge of a scientific revolution spearheaded by the New Science of Water.  As a result, we are leading the way in technological breakthroughs in water structuring & oxygen stabilisation.


We have an awareness of the future concerning consumer demand and are positioning ourselves for when these sciences and research become more mainstream over the coming years.

What people are saying.

With the anecdotal evidence building up supplied by testimonials from drinking our oxygenated water, there is a strong case to bring back the true meaning of Curative water whilst we search for the ultimate container to transport it in. 

Our Focus.

The key for us is to focus on the quality and properties of the water whilst addressing all the underlying concerns & challenges which we meet head on, while focussing on our vision for the way forward. 

Kure Oxygen Spring Water

We take Action.


We have invested significantly to ensure all our UK distribution remains in-house reducing road transport and CO2 emissions. 


Currently utilising renewable Wind & Solar energy, we are on track to produce all our products from renewable energy sources by 2025 ensuring Kure Water is 100% Carbon Neutral.

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More than water.

Kure Oxygen Water

OXYGEN delivers a truly original hydration experience.

No Additives or Chemicals

Made in the UK

Natural Spring Water

No Sugar


Supercharged with

Pure Oxygen

Balanced pH 7.0

Ultrasmooth Taste

Natural Electrolytes

No Calories

Kure Oxygen Water
Kure Oxygen Water
Kure Oxygen Water
Kure Oxygen Water

It's a lifestyle now.

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Why Oxygen.

Without this vital element, human life ends in a number of minutes.
Oxygen is also needed to build new cells and tissue, replace old tissue, dispose of waste material and reproduce more cells.

Our body needs oxygen to obtain energy to fuel all our living processes


Not getting enough oxygen has serious consequence


Without enough oxygen the body develops hypoxemia.


This occurs when there is low oxygen levels in the blood. This quickly turns into hypoxia, which is low oxygen in your tissues.


The symptoms include confusion, a fast heart rate, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, sweating, and changes in the colour of the skin. If untreated, hypoxia damages organs and leads to death.

Oxygenated Water.

Dont just hydrate, Oxygenate.

Our Oxygenated water is sustainably sourced from the coastal springs of Cornwall, United Kingdom.  

A functional, fresh, beautifully pure, yet powerful, still, natural spring water supercharged with additional oxygen, masterfully encapsulated with our unique technology years in the making. 

Soft textured, light, invigorating & creamy smooth tasting. 

An everyday drinking water bursting with additional functional oxygen.

Kure Oxygen Water Bottle
The great British invention. Kure Oxygen Water

The great British invention.

The additional Oxygen contained in our spring water becomes an internal part of the water's form through ultra fine oxygen encapsulations, so nothing is lost when you open a bottle, the complete goodness is received and disbursed, delivering all the benefits to the body's core.


The additional oxygen contained within permeates connective tissue cells delivering additional levels of oxygen than what is simply breathed into the body.


What is special is the oxygen encapsulations are consistently ultra fine, an important factor in delivering oxygen quickly to the body.

Kure Oxygen Water Trustpilot

What our customers say.

I have been drinking KURE for 6 weeks now and can feel and really taste the difference. My skin is clearer and I feel I can function on less sleep. I subsequently gave up coffee and have just been drinking KURE and the occasional juice. I coach football for a Premier League outfit's youth set up and have introduced to our players. Highly recommend it to sportsmen/women and anyone who takes their health seriously.

Cole Salewicz - FA Licensed Coach